Commercial Applications




Different types of building materials can be made with Ferrocrete™.  The first is for marine applications that include breakwaters, seawalls, piers, structural pilings and foundations exposed to salt water.

  • Impervious to seawater’s sulfate and sodium chord (salt) corrosion Ferrocrete™ is more porous than standard concrete and therefore provides a stronger base for the absorption and hence regenerative binding qualities of the iron carbonate to perform

  • Ferrocrete™ provides for a greater flexural strength as compared to regular concrete providing much higher resistance to the splintering and cracking affects high energy environments (wave and tidal forces) exert on traditional materials.



Concrete Pipe Pic1The second is in the manufacture of large and small concrete pipes typically used for water transmission and waste-water removal.

  • In sewage pipe applications, users are faced with   corrosive hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid which corrodes regular cement pipes.  Ferrocrete™ is not affected by these typical sewage water constituents.

  • Ferrocrete™ is not as brittle as regular concrete enabling better pipe-to-pipe connections and less damage and subsequent leakage when installing and aligning sections.  In fact, ferrocrete is 500% more flexible than regular portland cement based concrete!